Together for a childhood without cancer

With your donation to the Hopp Children's Tumor Center Heidelberg, you give new hope to children suffering from cancer. Your donation helps to expand our knowledge of childhood cancer and develop new therapies. From basic research to improving diagnosis to translation, i.e. translation into clinical application, your donation helps to ensure that children with cancer and their families can be better helped in the future.

The KiTZ stands for:

  • New treatments being developed specifically for children.
  • The rapid translation of research successes into patient care to improve the chances of recovery for pediatric cancer patients
  • Improving the quality of treatment with the aim of reducing the long-term consequences of cancer therapies
  • Optimal psychosocial support for the family during and after hospitalization

To donate to the KiTZ, you can use our online donation form (in German). To do so, simply click here.

Of course you can also transfer your donation directly to the KiTZ donation account:

Recipient: KiTZ
Bank: Sparkasse Heidelberg
IBAN: DE39 6725 0020 0009 3471 00

If we are allowed to issue you a donation receipt, please let us know your complete address in the reason for transfer.

Please note:

Section 50 (4) no. 2 of the German Income Tax Implementing Regulation (Einkommensteuer-Durchführungsverordnung - EStDV) stipulates that instead of a donation receipt, the cash deposit receipt or the booking receipt of a credit institution is sufficient if the donation does not exceed €200 and the recipient is a domestic legal entity under public law.

The booking receipt must show the name and account number or other identifying feature of the ordering party and the recipient, the amount, the booking date and the actual execution of the payment.

Thank you for supporting the work of KiTZ!