Because time together is valuable

To enable parents to be close to their child during the difficult time of cancer therapy, the parents' association "Aktion für krebskranke Kinder e.V. Heidelberg" has used donations to build a parents' house with 16 apartments. Each is fully equipped with two beds, a bathroom, refrigerator, telephone and television. A kitchen is available for cooking, which can also be used as a common room.

The contact person for parent accomodation is Alicia Amberger, who is also the head of the sibling care facility "Kinderplanet".

The parents' living is an initiative of the parents' association "Aktion für krebskranke Kinder e.V". Chaired by Stefanie Baldes, the association is committed to supporting the parents of children with cancer in many ways. It also promotes research in the field of childhood leukemia and tumor diseases.

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Alicia Amberger

Head of the "Kinderplanet"

Postal address:
Center for Child and Adolescent Medicine
Im Neuenheimer Feld 430
D-69120 Heidelberg