When established methods are exhausted

The KiTZ is particularly committed to patients for whom established treatment methods have been exhausted. For them, we at KiTZ conduct innovative clinical trials in close exchange with other pediatric oncology centers in Germany, Europe and the USA. In these so-called phase I/II clinical studies, patients can be treated with new drugs that are still in early development under close monitoring. To this end, we first establish the individual molecular profile of the tumor using state-of-the-art diagnostic methods and check the suitability of each patient for inclusion in a particular study. If inclusion in a study is not possible, we use the molecular data to determine whether it is possible to carry out individual case treatment.


In the KiTZ program "Translational Pediatric Oncology" we develop such innovative clinical studies. The aim is to develop new diagnostic procedures, drugs and therapeutic concepts for pediatric tumor diseases based on findings from basic research.

For example, our diagnostic platform INFORM should help to open up new treatment options for children and adolescents who have suffered a relapse after cancer. To this end, the tumors of patients who have suffered a relapse and for whom there are no longer any established treatment concepts are characterized as precisely as possible using molecular genetics.

Further clinical studies at KiTZ can be found here 



For patients who are insured in Germany: Please use our information sheet (PDF for download) for the request. Please note that the information is complete and provided in accordance with our guidelines. Please always send us your request by mail (not by e-mail).



International patients please refer to the website and information of the university hospital Heidelberg.

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